Thursday, June 15, 2006

Down at halftime...again

Okay, I've seen a lot of games this year, and a ten point deficit at halftime is less worrisome than a ten point lead at halftime. But why do the Mavs have to get embarrassed before they start playing fundamental basketball?


Why is that so hard to understand? Okay, Miami is good, and Wade is great, but why do we trade layups for long jumpers? I am not a basketball expert - just a common fan - but even I can see the problems here. And it looks like we start the second half doing the same thing.

7 games anyone?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I guess we are just too inexperienced...

or maybe I don't read the papers enough. It just seems to me that, no matter what local team we have in the playoffs (and there haven't been many lately), that the other cities' columnists decide it is time to trash Dallas. I just don't see that happening in our local papers, until it is a response.

Hence, the overwhelmingly stupid overreaction from Dallasites (or, as I suspect, just some idiots claiming to be Dallasites) to a humorous jab from Dave Barry last week, prior to the start if what should soon be the Mavs sweep of the Tepids. C'mon Dallas - I know we are tired of the insults, but let's prove that we can at least take a joke!

It was not, imho, as good as Dave's usual stuff, but hey, he's out of practice! But it was still obviously funny - or intended to be - and did not warrant the classless response that it received. I did like the response from DMN's Steve Blow - and, if you take the time to check, you'll see that the responses back from the Miami crowd were much more reasonable than they got from here.

C'mon Dallas - we have the class of the NBA, lets show some in other ways, huh?

Don't crowd me

I can't stand crowds. I don't know why. There has to be some overwhelming reason for me to go someplace with that many people. Aerosmith concert? Cool, I can handle it. Football game? No way - not even the Super Bowl, nobody's wardrobe malfunction is worth that. Rangers' games aren't bad, cause nobody goes. Can even handle amusement parks, most of the time. But the absolute worst ever is the public swimming pool.

Now ya know I got these rugrats here that think the pool is the best place in the world. In my mind, I'm thinking, its crowded, its noisy, its hot, its full of other people's kids - not to mention a literal ton of people who should be wearing a lot more than they are, and there is just no way that the filters are that good.
And yet, where do I spend many summer afternoons? You got it.

I used to be nice and vague, but now I am a parent.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Why try this again?

I am never good at blogging. I just go along and post every day for a couple of weeks, then forget that I even have a blog. When the internet crashes, it will be because of the weight of all my abandoned and forgotten blogs.

So why try again?

I don't know - because I am bored?