Monday, August 07, 2006

Why this year is different

(Read the next one - Rambling... - first)

New district, new administrators, new ideas.

And yes, new policies just like always - but new policies that might actually work, since they are really new ideas. Most ideas in education are just the same old thing, recycled. Not in Melissa, Texas. Creative teachers who are encouraged to be so. Innovative administrators who are not afraid to work - not just to stay busy, but to actually WORK on what matters. Amazing - I have never even heard of anything like this, much less seen it in action.

So yes, I am sitting through meetings and looking forward to the times when I can work in my room (and, by the way, we DO get paid for that here), but I AM EXCITED! This is what I got into this business for - it ain't the big money, or the fame, it is the chance to really make a difference.

I knew when I saw the mission statement that this was a special place - Melissa ISD is the district that all others in Texas and beyond will emulate.

Wow. And they we mean it.


At 11:06 AM, Anonymous southerngirl said...

congrats, ASK! here's to a great year!

and thank you for not havin' a squiggly line in the word verification box. I can never read those. :)

At 7:21 PM, Blogger KDF said...

Woo hoo! Every kid should be so lucky to go to school at a place like that. If the teachers are excited to be there, that enthusiasm is bound to rub off on some of the kids. They're damn lucky to have you.


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